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I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Weiner since 1981. His work is impeccable. He is meticulous and results focused. He is not happy unless you are happy. I have referred many patients over the year to his office. His staff is always accommodating and friendly. I have had to call him and his son Dr. Jason Weiner on weekends and holidays over the years for a dental emergency and they have both responded to me quickly and with concern and advice. I receive compliments every day about my smile and it is because of Weiner Dental.

Mary P., Bensalem, PA

I know from experience that patients at Weiner Dental are very fortunate in knowing that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Dr. Jason Weiner is my primary dentist. He is not only adept in the painless and creative cosmetic work that he has performed on me, his easy manner and confident professionalism allays any anxiety that I may have about any dental problems. Having also been treated by Jason's father, Dr. Jeffrey Weiner, it is evident that a caring attitude and a healing aptitude has been passed on from father to son. That same demeanor seems to be instilled in everyone at Weiner Dental. I sincerely recommend the doctors and staff at Weiner Dental. I believe that they really care.

Edward M., Huntingdon Valley, PA

I have been going to Doctor Weiner for 30 years along with my wife and children. He has always given us the best of care. I do not know t oo many doctors who care so much that they call you at home to check on you. He cares about all people. When Dr. Weiner heard we were going to visit our daughter (who is a missionary in Jaraboca, in the Dominican Republic), he sent dental supplies for the folks down there. Most of them do not have the money for toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you could have seen the look of joy on their's hard to describe. And his son Jason is following in his father's footsteps. I not only feel like I have a great dentist but a good friend! Thanks Docs.

Robert B., Philadelphia, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Jason Weiner's for 4 years. In that time he has given me the smile I have always wanted.The health of my mouth has never been better. If I have an emergency it is taken care of, even if it occurs on a day the office is closed. Weiner Dental has a warm, family atmosphere. You will always feel welcome and feel like part of the family.

Samantha M., Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Jason Weiner is my dentist. He is prompt, professional, and responsive to my every dental need. I could not ask for a better staff, and the dentists there are great at what they do.

Ryan R., Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a great dentist. Dr. Weiner truly cares about his patients. He even calls to see how you are doing later that night to make sure everything is ok. I feel so comfortable here and the dentists and staff are all very friendly.

Edith W., Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Weiner is extremely professional . He always makes me feel so comfortable during routine check ups and procedures. The staff is very friendly. When a root canal was needed, it was an extra bonus not to have to leave his office where I feel so comfortable, to have it done. Dr. Weiner always follows up with a phone call after a procedure. Not only is Dr. Jeffrey Weiner terrific, but so is his son, Dr. Jason Weiner. They really listen to you when you're having a problem. They respond to emergency phone calls quickly. I have had my teeth cleaned by several hygienists and have been extremely satisfied. I recommend this practice to all my friends and anyone looking for an outstanding dental practice.

Susan M., Huntingdon Valley, PA

All of my life I have been known to be a very nervous patient. I am the type of patient that worries a lot and asks tons of questions. Fortunately, I have the two most incredible dentists that go out of their way to cater to my unease. They are patient, understanding, loyal, and warm. These qualities allow me to feel comfortable with expressing my concerns. The Weiner Dental practice not only caters to my emotional needs but more importantly, they provide me with the best dental care out there. When I sit in that chair, I know that everything will be okay because I am in the hands of the most skilled, dedicated, and hard working group of dental professionals. I also feel a sense of ease because they treat me like a member of the family. I trust everyone at Weiner Dental and I definitely would not trust my teeth with anyone else but Weiner Dental!

Alison G., Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend using Weiner Dental. I have switched to their practice after using the same dentist for several years and I couldn't be happier. They really care about each patient and treat you like family. I would suggest Weiner Dental to anyone who is looking to find an amazing dental practice.

Julie W,. Philadelphia, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Weiner since I was a child (well over 20 years). My teeth, though not 100% perfect, look great and rarely, if ever, give me a problem. I thoroughly enjoy my visits with him, and have had enjoyable visits the few times Dr. Jason has seen me. (They both hum when checking your teeth! I love it!) The ladies in the office are pleasant and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend Weiner Dental!

Megan K.

I have spent most of my life with a very common fear that many of us share, the Dentist. This unnecessary fear caused me to spend my adult life unhappy with my smile. I was very self conscious about my smile yet was afraid to do anything about it due to my fear of "the Dentist" as well as the financial cost. I was riddled with all sorts of dental issues from multiple cavities, root canals, and several teeth that required crowns. I felt as if I was stuck with these problems with no way out. That all changed when I went to my appointment with Dr. Jason Weiner. This dentist is more than a doctor, he truly cares about his patients and sets their needs as his priority. Dr. Weiner took the time to explain all of my options to improve my smile and fix my existing problems. He worked with my limited insurance to make it more than affordable. After a few appointments I wish I had Dr. Weiner as a Dentist a long time ago. To my astonishment, Dr. Weiner even called me after my root canal to make sure everything was fine. My result from Dr. Weiner's unbelievable work can simply be explained by my ever present smile. My friends and family have noticed a change in me that they love, and I love it too. Thank you Dr. Weiner, you fixed my smile and changed my life. Signed, "Can't Stop Smiling Jen."

Jen K.

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff Weiner for 35 years. He is extremely professional and a perfectionist in his work. His is very patient, answers all questions and concerns, and has a very easy and caring demeanor. He also has a wonderful staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Weiner and his staff. Just a note: I moved to Florida 16 years ago and Dr. Weiner is still my dentist!

Joy S., Delray Beach FL/Phila

Drs. Jeff and Jason Weiner are the best. Nothing but a 10+ rating with every visit. Keep up the good work.

Tom H.

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